4 Ways To Use Anchor For Business

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Have you heard of Anchor?

It's an incredible new social media AUDIO platform that is sending "waves"  through the digital world - literally! The big point of difference is that it is ENGAGING. Listeners can talk back!

This up and coming app offers an incredible amount of potential for businesses of any industry. If you've already 'taken up' Anchor, here's how you can sail into the future with Anchor for business:


Engage with your audience

Audience engagement on anchor is OFF THE CHARTS. Listeners are able to record an audio reply to hosts and listeners love this feature. They're going crazy with it! No other network offers this level of intimacy with your audience.

Check out this question posed by Kim Garst. You can listen to Kim's 'wave' by hitting play, and then hear some audience replies by pressing the right directional button.

So, don't let this opportunity pass you by! Utilise Anchor to engage intimately with your audience.


Document don't create

This a key prinicpal of marketing juggernaught Gary Vaynerchuck. If you're like every other business in the world, you've only got finite resources for marketing. Hence, he advises to concern yourself less with creating original content, and to just document!

How could you 'document' on Anchor? Humanize your team! Have a few staff members spend 5-10 minutes throughout the day publishing their day-to-day grind on Anchor and posing questions to your audience. Here's an example from yours truly:


Text based testimonials are no match for video or audio testimonials. The difficult thing is that video testimonials are costly to produce at a professional standard.

Fear not! Anchor's episodes feature allows you the opportunity to professionally capture an audio testimonial from your clients. How awesome is that!

Take 5 minutes of your referee's time to record an audio testimonial. It's a great way of using Anchor for Business.

Your prospects will love it.


Rapid Fire Research

Anchor for Business - Rapid Fire Research

Why not use this engaging platform for some rapid fire research? Anchor offers small businesses the opportunity to connect with real people and to give them a voice.

All you need to do is ask the questions which you want answered!

Bars could ask their listeners whether they want Tuesday Night 2 for 1 deals or would rather $5 Tacos on Friday. 

If you're aiming at Millennials, then this is perfect. We've already figured out that Millennials want a voice.


Okay, what are you waiting for? Dive in!


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