3 Ways Inbound Marketing Works For B2B

So, you've probably heard about Inbound Marketing by now. It's the sustainable and content-driven approach to digital marketing that is also known as Content Marketing. And whilst we know that Inbound can be great for B2C businesses, we're here to show you how it can deliver exceptional results for B2B businesses too!

At first glance Inbound marketing does not seem like a good fit for B2B marketing at all. Most of the time, B2B marketing is not fun, sexy, entertaining or humorous. However, that does not mean there is not valuable content to be shared. There ARE people such as  buyers and professionals looking for parts, equipment, tools, machinary and business services. They don't need to be entertained, but they do want information that will help them get their job done.

Organic Search Traffic

Inbound marketing is an incredibly effective way to improve your search engine presence and thereby increase your organic search traffic. Since 2013, when search engines began to employ Semantic Algorithms, the relevancy and effectiveness of Inbound Methodologies has skyrocketed. 


Unsure what sort of content to create? Starting off by answering questions which your prospects have is a great place to start. Here at the 80-20 Agency, we found that many of our prospects struggled understanding what Inbound Marketing is. So, we wrote the article "What the heck is Inbound Marketing!?!?". And, it's been a raving success!

Just remember - 71% of B2B researchers start their research with a Google Search (Source: Social Media Today).

For a B2B business, writing useful and relevant articles for your prospects is a sure fire way to improve your organic search traffic.


Lead Generation

The second half of the conversion battle is of course converting those visitors into leads! This is another instance where Inbound Marketing is great B2B. And for a number of reasons.

Inbound methods pre-qualify organic visitors. Our agency's blog isn't going to attract 16-year old boys who are interested in surfing and chasing girls. Rather, it's going to attract savy and conscious business operators like yourself. By writing content which you want to know about, we've prequalified you as a visitor.

Many long time business owners who are familiar with older forms of advertising often become concerned by this. They'd rather reach 10,000 people than just 100.

And whilst this does make sense on paper, as a general rule of Inbound, it's always better to reach 100 highly interested visitor than 10,000 who are disinterested.



I've saved the best for last.

B2B Inbound Marketing is incredible when it comes to building your business as genuine authority in your industry. But, let's digress for a moment.

In B2C Inbound Marketing, the development progression from visitor to customer is quite straightforward. Visitor - Prospect - Lead - Customer. In B2B, this is not the case.


Business 2 Business transactions often require multiple consultations, input from multiple levels of management, and internal back-and forth between contact and decision-maker. And all of this may happen over the span ofmonths or years.

As such, it's important to shift our focus when it comes to B2B Inbound. You need to move your attention from standard metrics like website conversions to less tangible measures such as brand recall.

And when you do move your attention to authority-centric metrics, you will begin to see just how powerful Inbound can be for B2B businesses.


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