What The Heck Is Inbound Marketing?!?!

Meet Alec the Alien!

Isn't he adorable? He proudly owns his own (intergalactic) business and is currently trying to sell his "Super Space Lotion" to humans. 

He's tried traditional methods of marketing like cold calling, cold emails and interruptive pop-up ads - all to no avail....

Alec The 80/20 Agency Alien


Recently, Alec realized that these methods are all interruption-based. You don't have to be an intelligent alien life form to know that consumers don't really appreciate nor respond to this style of marketing.

It also didn't help that Alec was casting a wide net and marketing his product to anyone and everyone - even those who dispised aliens and their products.

Since then, though, Alec's decided to give "Inbound Marketing" a crack. He heard that it's all the rave at the moment. It involves attracting customers with valuable content, rather than abducting them with his spaceship. This new approach lets the customer control the sales process based on his or her needs and interests.

After studying up on it, Alec decided to start of by figuring out who usually wants to buy his product.

He came up with a buyer-persona for this. His persona is a 14-16 year old boy, with acne, who enjoys skateboarding, listening to rock music, and chasing girls his age.

His persona was most responsive to:

  • Animated gifs
  • Video content
  • Games, and
  • Interactive Blog Articles

So, Alec used this style of content on his blog articles.

The old articles on the website looked a little like this:

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 3.59.10 pm.png

 Taking Inbound principles onboard, Alec's new articles started to look like this:

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 4.05.07 pm.png

 The results were phenomenal! Not only did Alec's website receive a large increase in views, but most importantly, it was getting conversion-ready traffic.

Most visitors were signing up to Alec's free video tips on facial cleanliness and then buying his product!

Alec the Alien's business has never been better. By honing in on the specific audience who would benefit from his product, Alec was able to tighten his content and focus his resources.

No longer does Alec need to chase down every Tom, Dick and Harry with his ray gun. With valuable, trageted content, his customers find him!

In an nutshell, Inbound Marketing ATTRACTS customers with meaninful, useful information. After they've indulged in your content, your products and services solve their problems and fufill their desires. Remember, the customer is now the one in CONTROL when it comes to the inbound marketing process. Be sure to provide the content he is searching for.

Alec the Alien is now on track with Inbound Markeing to DELIGHT his customers! 

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